We bring together a team of experts from various disciplines (lighting, semiconductors, mechanics), who create design and functional characteristics of future products APTO ® on a project basis.
Design a manufacture itself follow the precise analysis of project and luminaire requirements.


We offer high added value

  • Optimization of the design and function according to project (beam angle, teplota correlated color temperature, color rendering index, power consumption, etc.) 
  • Guaranteed maximal decrease of luminaire efficacy during its life; unlike other companies we don´t let customers to carry the risk (our reference applications can be seen from Maroco to Norway)
  • APTO ® standard is 5-years warranty
  • Rate of failure is under 0,15%.


Specifications of APTO LED products

  • Guaranteed service life (L70) Ta 40°C up to 70 000 hours (10h/day for 19 years)
  • Overall operating cost savings can be up to 80% comparing to conventional solutions
  • Insignificant service costs
  • Massive energy savings while maintaing quality lighting
  • No light sources replacement needed
  • Very gradual degradation of luminaire efficacy thanks to using brand LED optics
  • High reliabilty in complicated conditions (dust, moisture, shake) 
  • Steadiness proved by time and real applications and thanks to brand components